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mandag den 4. januar 2010

"Tina K." hjemme igen fra Rügen

Fik denne rapport fra Florian idag..Svære forhold men succes trods alt.. nu må vi ikke håbe at isen lukker det hele i flere måneder..

Hi Uffe,
Here is a little report from Rügen,

The last 3 weeks have unfortunately gone by too fast and now I’m sitting in back in Kiel.
In the 3 weeks we could go out 4 times to the salmon grounds.

We cancelled one day after about 2 hours fishing,
because the ice around the boat strongly increased and the fog froze on the face and equipment.

Moreover, there was a beautiful East swell coupled with a wave caused by the westerly winds,
which made the trip also very uncomfortable!

The other 3 days were effectively and ended very differently.
At the start of the season, we caught a nice trout with 4kg, and some cod.
There were some nice salmon caught, but we didn’t get one.

The second day (28.12) gave us a super salmon with 11.5 kg!
Just in time for lunch (as announced), the weather changed to strong winds, so we decided to go fishing for cod near the coast.
There we caught a couple of cod and 3 undersized trouts.

The day after we managed to catch 5 great fishes. These were 2 salmon (4kg, 12kg) and 3 seatrouts with 5kg on top!
It could be a perfect day, but the fog was so strong that we could only fish with radar and on our way back to the coast,
the engine strikes, so that we had to go 2 hours from outside to the harbour!

There were also a few nice days we spent at the coast and could end with nice codfish and even some big seatrouts.

The best results we got on following Salsa-Baits:

On riggers worked best, the combination of these 2 baits:

We were successful with the riggers 30 to 70 feet, and on the planner board with 10-100gr. lead!

There are little pictures and statements in the online blog at our website.
If someone is interested in presenting great catches in our blog, please let me know via email!
Until then, all a Happy New Year, good health, success, satisfaction, and of course, good weather and big fishes!!!

Best Regards
Florian and Joachim

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